Travis Kelce Comments on Taylor Swift Dating Speculation: ‘Left the Decision to Her’

Published by Cel Manero from Global One Media, Inc.

NFL player Travis Kelce responded to the ongoing rumors about his alleged romance with superstar Taylor Swift, which have been gaining traction in recent weeks.

During his appearance on ESPN’s “The Pat McAfee Show” on Thursday, the tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs didn’t explicitly confirm the rumors, nor did he outright deny them. Instead, he chose to share a few minor details with fans.

“It’s just life, baby,” Travis remarked when asked about the widespread rumors. He added, “I threw the ball in her court and told her, ‘I’ve witnessed you rock the stage at Arrowhead. Maybe you should come watch me rock the stage at Arrowhead and we’ll see which one’s more electrifying.’ We’ll see what unfolds in the near future,” referring to the Chiefs’ home stadium.

Travis went on to comment on the amusing extent to which these rumors have gained traction. He likened it to a childhood game called “Telephone,” where information is passed from person to person, often resulting in distorted details. He emphasized that in reality, no one truly knows what’s happening.

Travis’s older brother, Jason Kelce, who is an NFL center for the Philadelphia Eagles, inadvertently added to the speculation when he discussed the topic during a conversation with 94 WIP in Philadelphia on Wednesday.

Jason responded to inquiries about his brother’s rumored relationship with Taylor Swift by saying, “It’s difficult to answer because I’m not really privy to what’s happening in Travis’ romantic life. I aim to respect his privacy and keep his personal matters separate, staying out of that realm.”

“But, having said that, man, I think he’s doing really well. I think it’s all absolutely true,” Jason added, seemingly acknowledging the authenticity of the rumors.

The speculation initially began with an article in The Messenger, which reported that Travis had been quietly spending time with Taylor Swift for several weeks.

According to an unnamed source quoted in the publication in late September, “She and Travis have hung out twice, and it’s nothing serious. She finds him very charming, and they’ve been exchanging text messages over the past week. He’s a little embarrassed about the amount of attention they’re receiving, but he’s expressed to her that he’d be interested in continuing to see her.”

Travis has previously mentioned Taylor Swift. During a podcast appearance in July, the Kansas City Chiefs player expressed his disappointment at not having the opportunity to interact with the pop star when he attended one of her concerts.

He remarked, “I was disappointed that she doesn’t engage in conversations before or after her shows because she needs to preserve her voice for the 44 songs she performs.” Travis humorously added, “So, I was a little bit disappointed that I couldn’t give her one of the bracelets I had made for her.”

He went on to explain, “If you’re familiar with Taylor Swift concerts, there are friendship bracelets involved, and I received a bunch of them while I was there. But I really wanted to give Taylor Swift one with my number on it.”