Security Personnel Claims Dismissal for Requesting Fans to Take a Photo with Taylor Swift While on Concert Duty

Published by Cel Manero from Global One Media, Inc.

Security Guard Fired for Requesting Fan Photo with Taylor Swift After Viral Singing Video

Calvin Denker, an employee of security company BEST, achieved viral fame on TikTok when a fan captured him enthusiastically singing along to Taylor Swift’s song “Cruel Summer” during one of her Minneapolis concerts in June. However, Denker’s newfound recognition took an unfortunate turn, as he claims he was terminated from his position for the seemingly innocuous act of asking fans to take a photograph with the pop star.

Following the viral video, Denker responded with a reaction video in which he detailed his actions. He admitted to distributing his phone number to fans in the front row, urging them to capture a photo of him with Taylor Swift as she approached his vicinity, and subsequently send it to him via text. Denker candidly disclosed that he had taken the security job primarily with the aspiration of witnessing Taylor Swift’s performance for free, which he regarded as a personal “goal.”

Reflecting on the unfolding events, Denker shared, “Following the first night, I started noticing how close Taylor was getting to me, and it became a goal of mine to capture the moment in a photograph.” He went on to explain, “To achieve this, I distributed small notes that acknowledged the restriction on having my phone out. However, I requested that if Taylor Swift happened to be right behind me, fans could kindly take a picture and send it to my number.” This approach was Denker’s strategy to commemorate the unique occurrence and etch it in memory.

Denker took to social media to reveal that this action ultimately led to his dismissal from his position.

In an update provided through a video, Denker summarized the situation, stating, “To put it succinctly, I got fired due to this incident.” He elaborated, “My former security company cited a policy against taking photos with performers. The primary concern arose from my subsequent video, in which I mentioned distributing notes requesting fans to send me any pictures I managed to take.”

Denker emphasized, “My utmost priority was ensuring Taylor Swift’s safety and ensuring all fans enjoyed the event. I was actively performing my duties.”

Denker further shared, “When I received the call from the HR representative, they couldn’t clearly articulate the exact nature of my wrongdoing.” This uncertainty contributed to Denker’s perplexity regarding the grounds for his termination.

Following the widespread coverage of the incident, Denker has received job offers from various other security companies.

Denker shared with The Messenger, “Since the TikTok video gained attention, I’ve received job offers from several other security firms.” Despite the opportunities that have arisen, Denker maintained, “I might consider exploring job interviews here and there, but it’s essential to remember that my role in security was more of a recreational endeavor during my spare time. I am primarily a full-time software engineer.” His focus remains on his career in software engineering, and while he may explore new opportunities in security, he approaches it as a secondary engagement.