Paris Hilton has raised concerns after sharing a video featuring her infant son wearing a life jacket incorrectly.

Published by Cel Manero from Global One Media, Inc.

Paris Hilton caused concern once again regarding the safety of her infant son after she shared a video of him wearing a life jacket incorrectly while in a pool.

In a TikTok video, Hilton was seen swimming in a pool with her 1-year-old son Phoenix, who was wearing a puddle-jumper (life jacket) incorrectly, leading to criticism from some parents.

The 43-year-old socialite captioned her post, “Adventures with Baby P,” showcasing her and her son in the water, with the little one wearing blue floaties and the buckle of the life jacket across his chest instead of his back.

One person commented, “Hey momma, just a tip from another puddle jumper mom, I think it’s on backwards. But I love this video, pure joy.”

Another added, “Double check the puddle jumper, I believe it’s on backwards.”

Another individual chimed in, stating, “[His] floaties are on backward, the clip goes in the back, but it also happens to lots of new moms.”

A person identifying themselves as a swimming instructor offered advice to Hilton, suggesting she consider swapping the puddle jumper for a float jacket. They explained, “Swimming teacher here, see if you can swap the puddle jumper for a float jacket. Gives him the use of his arms to aid his swim journey.”

After receiving numerous responses, Hilton acknowledged the feedback, admitting, “Oops! Thank you! I never let him out of my arms. Thought it was backward too, I said that to the person who I bought it from & they said it was on right.” She expressed gratitude to those who pointed out the error, saying, “But thank you so much for letting me know.”

Earlier in the month, Hilton addressed criticism over a now-deleted TikTok video showing her young children in forward-facing car seats in the back of her van. She later posted a video with the car seats properly positioned, thanking followers for their advice and acknowledging her learning curve as a new mother.

In January 2023, Hilton surprised her followers by announcing on Instagram that she and husband Carter Reum had welcomed their first child via surrogate, after marrying in 2021. In November of the same year, she revealed they were expecting their second child via surrogacy, a daughter.