Matthew McConaughey Shares the Inspirational Story Behind His Debut Children’s Book

Published by Cel Manero from Global One Media, Inc.

Matthew McConaughey discussed the source of inspiration for his inaugural children’s book, “Just Because,” describing how it came to him spontaneously in the middle of the night, much like a song. The 53-year-old actor expressed that the book “speaks to the kid in all of us,” reflecting on the creative process that led to his debut kids’ picture book. He shared that the idea arrived like a “ditty in a dream,” and he immediately felt compelled to write it down.

Matthew McConaughey explained that “Just Because” encompasses a compilation of challenges and life lessons that everyone encounters, not limited to children. He emphasized that the book has already ignited numerous meaningful discussions within his family, including with his kids Levi (15), Vida (13), and Livingston (10), his wife Camila Alves, and even his 91-year-old mother, Kay. The book’s themes and messages seem to resonate with individuals of all ages, fostering valuable conversations and connections among his loved ones.

Matthew McConaughey shared that his 91-year-old mother, Kay, found value in “Just Because,” emphasizing that the book’s themes and messages are not exclusively for children. He explained that, as a father, he constantly thinks about his kids and had been engaging in conversations with them about various new experiences and emotions. These discussions served as the inspiration for the book. McConaughey expressed that the idea was likely lurking in his subconscious, and once he began writing, the verses seemed to flow effortlessly in rhythm, as if the book was writing itself.

Matthew McConaughey shared that his children have already endorsed his book, “Just Because.” He mentioned that his daughter, Vida, particularly appreciated the illustrations by illustrator Renée Kurilla. He actively involved his kids in the creative process, discussing the scenarios and themes explored in the book with them.

McConaughey noted that one section of the book that resonated with his children is the part that reads, “Just because you’re wailing, doesn’t mean you’re a crier. Just because you lied, doesn’t mean you’re a liar.” These thought-provoking messages seem to have struck a chord with his kids and added to their appreciation of the book.

Matthew McConaughey explained that the section of his book discussing labeling and judgments resonated deeply with his children. He emphasized the importance of reframing how we label others’ actions, as broad labels like “liar” can be overly judgmental and cause defensiveness. Instead, McConaughey pointed out that it’s more constructive to say, “No, that was a lie,” giving individuals the opportunity to acknowledge their actions and make amends.

McConaughey’s children found this message significant because they have encountered labeling in their lives, and the book provides them with a different perspective on how to address such situations.

The book “Just Because” marks McConaughey’s second foray into publishing, following the success of his bestselling book “Greenlights” in 2020, which delved into the trials and triumphs he has experienced in his own life.