Kelly Clarkson Shares an Embarrassing Behind-the-Scenes Moment from the ‘Since You’ve Been Gone’ Music Video Shoot

Published by Cel Manero from Global One Media, Inc.

Kelly Clarkson candidly revealed a behind-the-scenes mishap during the taping of the Halloween episode of “The Kelly Clarkson Show.” While speaking with Kyle Richards, who was dressed in a cat costume, Clarkson shared a humorous incident from her career. She recounted a moment during the filming of her music video for “Since You’ve Been Gone,” where she was wearing extremely tight leather pants.

The director asked her to “go down and pop back up,” which Clarkson attempted. However, the pants proved too tight, and she experienced a wardrobe malfunction, exclaiming, “Whoop!” She was going commando at the time, and the drummer saw more than he bargained for. It was undoubtedly an embarrassing moment for the star, but one that she can now share with humor.

Kyle Richards found humor in Kelly Clarkson’s story and asked if there was any video evidence of the incident, teasingly suggesting they look for the footage. “Since You’ve Been Gone” is a hit song from Clarkson’s second album, “Breakaway,” which was released in 2004. The track became one of her signature songs and played a significant role in her career.

During the Halloween episode of “The Kelly Clarkson Show,” Kelly Clarkson appeared in a vampire costume, adding a spooky twist to the festivities. She wore a form-fitting long-sleeved black dress, a matching choker, and fangs. Her dark eye makeup included drops of red makeup to create the illusion of “blood” dripping from her eyes.

Clarkson and her band embraced the vampire theme for the show, each dressing as different versions of vampires. She humorously suggested going out after the show to “freak people out” with their vampire looks.

As part of her Halloween celebration, Clarkson performed a cover of Olivia Rodrigo’s song “Vampire” during a segment of her show called Kellyoke. This performance added a musical touch to the Halloween fun, and it’s part of a series of cover songs she has performed on her show, including tracks by artists like Christina Aguilera, Gloria Estefan, Madonna, and Coldplay.

Kelly Clarkson made a significant change for the fifth season of her talk show, which premiered in October 2023. She relocated the show from Los Angeles to New York, specifically filming at the iconic 30 Rockefeller Plaza. The decision to move the show to New York was driven by her desire for a fresh start and the feeling that she “couldn’t be in LA” any longer.

Clarkson had initially wished to live in Montana, but she realized it wouldn’t be practical for hosting her show from there. As a result, she opted for New York, where she sought a residence near a park and suitable for her children.

The need for a fresh start was influenced by her divorce from Brandon Blackstock, a difficult and painful experience. They were married in 2013 and were together until 2020 when Blackstock filed for divorce. This major life change prompted Clarkson to reevaluate her circumstances and led to her relocation and the changes in her show’s location.