Kate Beckinsale dismisses rumors of undergoing plastic surgery amidst bullying.

Published by Cel Manero from Global One Media, Inc.

Kate Beckinsale addressed rumors about plastic surgery and revealed the toll that persistent bullying has taken on her mental health, especially after a recent hospitalization in March for undisclosed health reasons.

In a detailed Instagram post on Sunday, the 50-year-old actress shared two videos: one from twenty years ago and another recent one. She explained that any changes in her appearance are simply due to aging and emphasized that she has not undergone any cosmetic procedures. Beckinsale urged people to stop the hurtful bullying directed towards her.

Kate Beckinsale expressed frustration over constant accusations of undergoing unrecognizable surgery, using Botox, fillers, or being fixated on looking younger every time she posts anything online. She described this as a tiresome and subtly hurtful form of bullying that has persisted since she was around 30 years old.

Despite having a plastic surgeon confirm that she has not undergone such procedures, Beckinsale continues to face criticism with comments like “you’re unrecognizable” or “oh my God, plastic, you don’t even look like yourself anymore.” She noted that it’s often women who make these comments, which adds to the distress caused by this ongoing scrutiny.

Kate Beckinsale reflected on the natural process of aging, acknowledging that everyone ages over time. She shared personal challenges she has faced, including experiencing her father’s death at a young age and struggling with severe anxiety and panic attacks throughout her teenage and early adult years. This anxiety led her to frequent emergency room visits and significantly impacted her life during that period.

Beckinsale pointed out the differences in appearance between her younger self and her current self in the videos, attributing these changes to factors like living in the UK (resulting in paler skin) and past habits like over-plucking eyebrows. She also noted that her face appeared fuller in the older video because she was younger at the time.

In conclusion, Beckinsale expressed awareness that her explanation might not change the behavior of those who continue to bully her over her appearance.

Kate Beckinsale emphasized that the accusations and obsession with appearance, particularly youth, are forms of bullying regardless of how someone looks. She pleaded for the behavior to stop, highlighting that she is currently focused on coping with the recent loss of her stepfather, British TV director Roy Battersby, who passed away in January from a massive stroke while battling cancer at the age of 87.

Beckinsale’s post comes amidst her grief over this loss, and she previously shared a touching video of her stepfather, expressing deep sorrow and regret over his passing.