Hospital Employee Criticizes Trans Activist Involved in Kidnapping and Torture, Describing Them as a ‘Dangerous and Violent Individual’

Mark Kerrison/In Pictures via Getty Images

Darren Sheridan, who was only 19 at the time, endured a harrowing experience of being abducted, subjected to torture, and left for dead by an individual named Alan Baker. Baker, who currently identifies as Sarah Jane Baker and is known as a radical trans activist, gained attention in the media due to a recent speech where they advocated violence against cisgender women. Now 52 years old, Sheridan has bravely shared his story, shedding light on the trauma he endured inflicted by Baker and two accomplices, one of whom happened to be Baker’s sibling.

At a recent PRIDE event, Baker made provocative remarks, deviating from a positive tone and advocating violence by stating, “If you see a TERF, punch them in the f****** face.” TERF is an acronym used by the trans community to derogatorily label women who do not readily accept or celebrate the inclusion of biological males in women’s spaces.

In response to these headlines, Sheridan expressed his disagreement with Baker’s extreme views, acknowledging their anger issues but emphasizing that advocating physical harm is unacceptable. He believes that engaging in respectful debates about differing opinions is a better approach, and characterizes Baker as a dangerous and violent individual due to her incitement of violence.

Sheridan shared his own traumatic experience at the hands of Baker. Even after the case went to court and Baker admitted to committing the crime, the only remorse expressed by Baker was regret for not being able to break Sheridan further.

Sheridan recounted being forcibly taken at knifepoint and placed in a van where he was physically assaulted. The van had no windows, preventing him from seeing what was happening. He was then taken to an apartment where he endured 12 hours of beatings and torture.

Sheridan went on to describe the horrifying details of the torture he endured. He was physically assaulted, with his captors punching him and burning him with cigarettes. They stubbed out cigarettes on his neck, leaving lasting scars. At knifepoint, he was coerced into performing oral sex on them. Throughout the ordeal, they openly discussed the possibility of killing him.

“I was subjected to eating cigarette butts and curry powder,” Sheridan shared. The sustained nature of the attack eventually made him numb to the pain. The last memory he has is being tied up with electrical wire and being left in a dark and silent airing cupboard. The wire was tightly fastened around his feet, hands, and neck, posing a strangulation risk if he moved. Fearing for his life, he eventually stopped struggling and lost consciousness.

Following years of therapy, Sheridan has managed to move past most of the traumatic experience. However, he did learn that Baker had undergone a gender transition while in prison.

Sheridan expressed surprise at Baker’s involvement in the trans community and activism, questioning how Baker could prioritize others over personal accountability. He admitted to keeping himself distanced from politics and similar matters, preferring to stay away from such discussions.