Georgia Veterans Express Displeasure with Warnock’s Statement on Serving God and the Military

Jessica McGowan/Getty Images

Four military veterans from Georgia strongly criticized Democratic Senate candidate Raphael Warnock for his controversial statement, which recently came to light, suggesting that it is impossible to simultaneously serve God and be a part of the military.

During a recorded discussion with Turning Point Action, Lieutenant Commander Darryl Wilson of the Navy, Sergeant Meg Peters of the Army, Major Jeff McDonald of the Marine Corps, and Captain John Sours of the Army collectively expressed their deep offense at Warnock’s remarks. They firmly believed that his comments not only insulted individuals who have dedicated themselves to serving in the United States armed forces but also rendered him unfit to hold a position in the Senate.

In an unearthed sermon from April 2011, Raphael Warnock made a statement asserting that it is impossible to serve both God and the military. He also emphasized the inability to serve both God and money or mammon simultaneously, urging Americans to make a choice regarding whom they would serve.

Upon learning of Warnock’s remarks, Sergeant Meg Peters, who served in Afghanistan and experienced the loss of a subordinate, expressed disbelief, questioning which Bible Warnock had been reading. Peters highlighted the historical precedent of God raising armies to combat evil since ancient times.

Lieutenant Commander Darryl Wilson, a nine-year Navy veteran, strongly condemned Warnock’s comments, deeming them insulting to all military personnel who have proudly worn the uniform. Wilson viewed Warnock’s attitude as contradictory to the cherished values held dear in the United States.

Wilson further emphasized the reliance of military personnel on their faith during challenging times, both for those who have served and those currently serving in uniform. He expressed his bewilderment at how someone claiming to be a man of God could separate the military from God, as it is God who provides the strength necessary to carry out their duties.

McDonald, a former Marine Corps member with 14 years of service, expressed a sense of deep discomfort upon hearing Warnock’s remarks. He shared a personal anecdote about a night when he believed he might not survive and fervently pleaded with God for his life. McDonald firmly asserted that he served both God and the military simultaneously.

Sours, who served four years in the Army, dismissed Warnock’s statement as not only absurd but also obnoxious. He criticized the reverend, highlighting his lack of firsthand experience with the military. Sours characterized Warnock’s views as extreme, deviating significantly from mainstream American values and traditions, and concluded that he is entirely unsuited for public office.

Wilson emphasized that the current moment is not suitable for Raphael Warnock’s candidacy. He stated that the country needs to unite, heal, and be led by strong leadership.

It is worth noting that Raphael Warnock was scheduled to participate in a runoff Senate race in Georgia on January 5 against Senator Kelly Loeffler, a Republican. This runoff election has garnered national attention due to its potential to determine the balance of power in the Democratic Party’s favor in the upper chamber. Additionally, another runoff race was set between Senator David Perdue, a Republican, and Democratic candidate Jon Ossoff, both also taking place on January 5.