Fans Express Disappointment Over Ariana Grande’s Alternate Rendition of ‘Santa Tell Me’

Published by Cel Manero from Global One Media, Inc.

Fans were eager for a fresh take on an Ariana Grande track promoted by an X account, but their anticipation turned into disillusionment as they found out that only two lines had been altered. The post causing a stir claimed that the “naughty version” of “Santa Tell Me” would be included in her “Christmas & Chill” album on streaming platforms. This information was shared on X by Ariana Grande Today, a self-described “the #1 fan source for the latest Ariana Grande news,” last Sunday.

Fans started streaming the track, but a considerable number took to social media, expressing confusion and questioning if there was an issue with the release. The reason for their concern was that the song closely resembled Grande’s original rendition of “Santa Tell Me,” which first debuted in 2014. Upon closer examination, listeners discerned that the sole modification in the purported “naughty version” was limited to just two lines within the bridge.

The Grammy Award-winning artist, aged 30, modified the lines, “Oh, I wanna have him beside me, like oh-woo-oh / On the 25th, by that fireplace, oh-woo-oh.” In the updated 2023 version, these lines now read, “Oh, I wanna let him unwrap me, like oh-woo-oh / Get on top of him, by that fireplace, oh-woo-oh.” This alteration prompted fans to share their bewilderment and dissatisfaction on various social media platforms.

One listener remarked, “She literally changed two lines.” Another individual added, “It’s two line changes in the bridge and an extended outro and that’s it.” A third account commented, “Nothing changes except 2 lines of the bridge… but it might be a great streaming strategy, let’s see.”

Certain fans speculated that this song’s altered version could be attributed to Ariana Grande’s recent management change to Brandon Creed, a development publicly disclosed on Monday. Prior to this, Grande had been associated with Scooter Braun until their announced separation in August.

Meanwhile, Grande has been actively involved in the movie adaptation of the popular Broadway musical “Wicked.” Stirring excitement among fans, she recently shared images from a recording studio, leading them to anticipate the imminent release of new music.