‘Exhausted’: Selena Gomez Strongly Indicates a Conclusion to Her Music Career

Published by Cel Manero from Global One Media, Inc.

Selena Gomez went beyond mere insinuation when expressing that her music career might be reaching its conclusion, citing her weariness with music and a stronger inclination towards acting. During her appearance on the “Smartless” podcast, the 31-year-old singer/actress disclosed that she envisions releasing just one more album before bidding farewell to her singing pursuits. Reflecting on her journey, Gomez shared how initially, music brought her joy, especially during tours, but her simultaneous involvement in the TV show “Wizards of Waverly Place” heightened her enjoyment, prompting her to continue with both endeavors.

As time passes, Gomez expressed a growing desire for stability, stating, “But the older I get, the more I’m kind of like, ‘I would like to find something to just settle on.'” Acknowledging her fatigue, she hinted at the possibility of one more album in her musical journey but emphasized a preference for acting as her primary focus. In recognition of her weariness, Gomez conveyed her intention to take a step back and embrace a more relaxed pace in the future.

Gomez expanded on her experience with Disney, describing it as a structured system that essentially mandates singing skills, especially for theme songs. She acknowledged the company’s proficiency in shaping individuals into triple threats—accomplished in singing, acting, and dancing. Despite not considering herself the best singer, Gomez emphasized her storytelling abilities and the joy she finds in crafting songs.

The report mentioned that her most recent album, Revelacion, was released in 2021, following solo works like Rare in 2020, Revival in 2015, and her debut album Stars Dance in 2013.

The outlet highlighted Gomez’s origins in the entertainment industry, starting with her childhood role on “Barney” in 2002, before gaining prominence in the Disney channel series “Wizards of Waverly Place,” which remains one of her most recognized roles.

In her latest endeavors, Gomez achieved notable recognition by receiving two Emmy nominations for her involvement in the comedy series “Only Murders In The Building,” where she starred alongside Martin Short and Steve Martin.