‘Displeasing Situation’: Morgan Wallen Provides Fans with Latest Information Regarding Recent Transition from ‘Avaricious’ Former Management

Published by Cel Manero from Global One Media, Inc.

Regrettably, I entered into both agreements without the assistance of legal representation.

Country music artist Morgan Wallen took to social media on Friday to inform his fans that his previous management, allegedly without his consent, is releasing songs he recorded back in 2014. At that time, Wallen was exploring the music industry and had signed deals without legal representation.

One of Wallen’s primary concerns is that fans might mistake the release of these old and, as he described, mostly “terrible” songs for new music from the artist. He reassured his followers that when new music is ready, he will personally announce it.

Wallen shared on Instagram, where he has nearly 7 million followers, that in 2014, he ventured into making original music and songwriting in Florida for the first time. This venture resulted in a recording deal with a local investor and an artist management deal that he now deeply regrets, having signed both agreements without legal representation.

Explaining the circumstances, Wallen stated, “We made 13 songs; some were okay, most were terrible as I was just learning how to write in general and figuring it all out. I was not the only collaborator, so many of these songs were not my idea nor to my standards. We deemed 5 worthy enough to make the Stand Alone EP, which includes a fan-favorite, ‘Spin You Around.'”

Wallen revealed that he severed ties with these individuals nearly a decade ago. However, against his wishes, they are set to release a “10th Anniversary edition” of ‘Stand Alone,’ incorporating eight unreleased songs and distributing it with the involvement of his former managers.

Expressing his frustration, Wallen shared, “For months, I’ve been exploring every avenue possible to acquire the rights to this old music and keep the quality of my catalog consistent with songs I choose to release and believe in.” He characterized the situation as “gross, greedy,” and a demonstration of how the darker side of the music industry can drain the artistic essence out of musicians.

“I don’t want to see this happen to anyone else,” Wallen stressed, expressing concern that his fans might mistakenly perceive these songs as a new release by him. He admitted feeling discomfort when listening to these songs and wants to avoid any confusion among his audience.

“I am contributing $100k from the Morgan Wallen Foundation to the Volunteer Lawyers & Professionals For The Arts (VLPA) program,” the 30-year-old musician announced. “I hope young aspiring musicians read this story and understand that they should never have to sacrifice their creative freedoms for an opportunity in this business.”