Country Singer Elle King Addresses Her Changed Look: Clarifies She’s Not Using Weight Loss Medication

Published by Cel Manero from Global One Media, Inc.

Country Singer Elle King Speaks Out About Her Altered Appearance: Dispels Notions of Weight Loss Surgery or Medication Use

In an effort to clear up any misconceptions among fans, country singer Elle King has openly discussed a significant transformation in her appearance. She made it clear that her change is not due to undergoing weight loss surgery or using widely recognized medications like Ozempic.

At 34 years old, King revealed that her heaviest weight reached 284 pounds after giving birth to her son, Lucky, in September 2021.

“Nearly 2 years postpartum! I’m sharing this post to document my journey from weighing 284 lbs at a height of 5’3 during pregnancy in 2021 to the present in 2023. This isn’t an overnight occurrence,” King conveyed in an Instagram update. “For me, it wasn’t even a year-long process. In reality, it’s an ongoing journey, a continuous pursuit of evolving goals.”

She further explained, “So, why am I sharing this? I went through a profound depression during my pregnancy. Additionally, I didn’t fully comprehend the intensity of postpartum depression until I slowly began emerging from it. I felt imprisoned within my own body. Singing was even a struggle.”

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Elle King, renowned for her top ten hit “Ex’s & Oh’s,” is a songwriter who happens to be the daughter of actor Rob Schneider.

She detailed some of the strategies she employed to achieve her weight loss, such as devoting more time to her workouts at the gym.

“So I embarked on this journey gradually. I kicked off with metabolic workouts and incorporated light cardio to warm up not only my body, but also my lungs, my vocal cords, and my spirit. Being a creature of routine, I overhauled my ingrained habits. With each passing week, I sense my body growing stronger. I integrate more workouts, and I train alongside @pauldominic_, who’s practically a bodybuilder,” King elaborated in her post, which featured snapshots of her workout sessions.

She continued, “However, if you don’t have someone like that, then you must be your own advocate. Discover music that resonates with you! Hop on a bike! Take a dip in the pool! Initially, I thought my primary aim was weight loss, but it’s evolved into something much greater. On the days I engage my body, my MIND functions at its best.”

King affirmed that she is not relying on any medication. “Certain days, I take note of my stretch marks. On other days, I embrace myself with a hug and express gratitude to my body. Today, it’s a day of self-kindness. Throughout my journey, I’ve experienced both being petite and being larger, but currently, I am HEALTHY,” she expressed. “I can’t believe I have to clarify this, but to address any speculation, no, I am not taking any weight loss medication. I have PCOS and am at risk of developing diabetes. I witnessed my diabetic grandfather pass away when I was 10 years old; I saw him check his blood sugar and administer shots.”

“I refrain from passing judgment on anyone endeavoring to lead a healthier life,” she concluded. “I can merely share my PERSONAL JOURNEY! My aspiration is to lead a lengthy, splendid, healthy life where I can savor life’s pleasures, enjoy seafood, embrace hearty laughter, and ultimately depart content.”