Country Sensation Darius Rucker Opens Up About Divorce Following Two Decades of Marriage: The Emotional Journey of Feeling Like a Failure

Published by Cel Manero from Global One Media, Inc.

Country sensation Darius Rucker has candidly discussed the dissolution of his 20-year marriage with ex-wife Beth Leonard Rucker, revealing that, in such situations, “you feel like a failure.”

In a conversation with People magazine, the 57-year-old country singer delved into his experiences with fatherhood and co-parenting their adult children, 18-year-old son Jack and 22-year-old daughter Daniella. This comes after the couple announced their separation in 2020, expressing their commitment to remaining “close friends and parenting partners.”

Rucker expressed, “You attempt to convey those emotions, and it’s a difficult thing to articulate, both in conversation and in writing. You try to convey it as authentically as possible. I may not be someone who’s great at having heart-to-heart talks, but I can sit down and compose a song about it.”

He went on to clarify that, although it’s been three years, they aren’t “officially divorced” yet. Despite that, he emphasized that they are still a family and will remain so.

Rucker, renowned for his hit “Wagon Wheel,” spoke candidly about the emotional impact of the end of his marriage, saying, “That stuff hurts, and you feel like a failure. But we’re still a family, and a piece of paper isn’t going to alter that.”

He also expressed admiration for his ex-wife, Beth, saying, “We’re still a family, and it’s all because Beth is incredible. She understands that it’s in the best interest of the kids, and she’s a remarkable person.”

For the country star, his primary focus is on being there for his children, in the way his own father wasn’t when he was younger.

Rucker shared his deep personal experience, saying, “Growing up without a dad was tough. I despised it. While I had many wonderful father figures in my life, not having my dad there was difficult, and I never want my children to experience uncertainty about where their dad is or how to reach him, because I never had a clue how to contact mine.”

He emphasized the importance of being accessible to his children, despite the demands of his career. “With a job like mine, you travel a lot, but the one thing is, [my children] always know where I am. I believe that stems directly from the fact that I never knew where [my father] was.”

Rucker and Beth exchanged vows in 2000 and welcomed their children in 2001 and 2005. Additionally, the singer has a 28-year-old daughter named Carolyn from a previous relationship.