Alleged Stalker of Drew Barrymore Apprehended Following Numerous Attempts to Contact Her

Published by Cel Manero from Global One Media, Inc.

Suspected Stalker of Drew Barrymore Detained in New York, Subsequently Released After Repeated Efforts to Contact the Actress

A 43-year-old individual hailing from Washington, D.C., was apprehended by Southampton Town Police in New York on Thursday. This arrest was carried out in response to the individual’s persistent endeavors to reach actress Drew Barrymore throughout the week. Notably, he had even rushed the stage at a 92nd Street Y event, vocally expressing his desire to meet her.

The man was taken into custody at 11:59 p.m. local time and subsequently booked on a fourth-degree misdemeanor charge of stalking. This information was provided in an official press release by Lt. Todd Spencer, who serves as a spokesperson for the department, as reported by The Hollywood Reporter. Following the arrest, the individual was later released.

Following his overnight detention, the man appeared for a Friday morning arraignment, during which Judge Barbara Wilson reportedly issued a stern admonishment, urging him to maintain distance from the talk show host. This account was shared by an insider from the Southampton court, as reported by the NY Post.

Despite the individual’s extensive criminal history, he was subsequently released by the judge due to the state’s bail reform laws. These laws, as the report highlights, prevent individuals accused of most misdemeanors from being held in custody. It’s noteworthy that, as of 2019, a misdemeanor fourth-degree stalking charge ceased to be eligible for bail, as per the legislative changes.

Earlier in the week, on Wednesday, the fervent admirer was apprehended and later set free after authorities discovered him going door to door in Barrymore’s neighborhood, allegedly inquiring about the actress’s residence.

As part of a subsequent investigation, the department’s detectives were apprised of the fan’s purported behavior, along with previous reported occurrences. This information reportedly revealed details that supported the filing of a stalking charge, as stated by the department. In response, the individual was taken into custody on Thursday afternoon, according to THR.

During an event at a cultural center in Manhattan on Monday, the 48-year-old actress was engaged in a conversation with singer and actor Reneé Rapp when the suspected stalker approached, causing an interruption to the discussion, as reported by NBC News.

While engaged in a discussion about her career, Drew Barrymore suddenly heard someone loudly calling out her name, “Drew Barrymore,” accompanied by the individual also shouting his own name. This unexpected interruption prompted a change in the talk show host’s demeanor as she responded, “Oh my God! Yes! Hi!”

The man persisted, exclaiming, “You know who I am. I need to see you at some point while you’re in New York, okay?”

As the individual moved closer to the stage, Reneé Rapp’s body language appeared to shift rapidly. The singer promptly rose from her seat, wrapped her arm around Barrymore, and escorted her out of the room. In a video clip capturing the incident, two individuals resembling security guards intervened and guided the man out. Notably, no police report regarding the incident was filed, as indicated by the outlet.