Adam Driver Responds Strongly to Audience Member Criticizing ‘Cheesy’ Crash Scene in ‘Ferrari’

Published by Cel Manero from Global One Media, Inc.

Actor Adam Driver expressed his candid thoughts when confronted by a fan regarding a “cheesy” crash scene in the biographical drama “Ferrari.” When an audience member at Poland’s Camerimage Film Festival questioned him about the intensity and perceived cheesiness of the crash scenes during a post-screening Q&A on Sunday, Driver responded assertively, stating, “I don’t know? Next question. Screw you.”

In the portrayal of Enzo Ferrari in the biographical film centered on the life of the renowned Italian motor racing driver and entrepreneur, Adam Driver takes on the role. The movie, adapted from the 1991 biography “Enzo Ferrari: The Man, the Cars, the Races, the Machine” by motorsport journalist Brock Yates, unfolds in 1957 as Ferrari’s company faces the risk of bankruptcy. The narrative revolves around their daring participation in the Mille Miglia, a perilous 1,000-mile race across Italy.

Film critic David Rooney, in his review for The Hollywood Reporter, emphasized the film’s focus on the significant race. He highlighted director Mann’s virtuoso technique and cinematographer Erik Messerschmidt’s compelling camera work, immersing the audience in the intensity of the roadsters and the race itself. Rooney described the film as “unapologetically masculine” and specifically commended Adam Driver’s performance.

Offering a balanced critique, Rooney acknowledged the movie’s imperfections but overall characterized it as “mostly fast and furious, with a brain.”

Director Michael Mann expressed that he drew inspiration from the Ferrari story because of its deeply human elements.

In an interview with “The Hollywood Reporter” in August 2023, director Michael Mann shared his perspective on the dynamic and operatic nature of the Ferrari character. Mann emphasized that delving into the specifics of Ferrari’s personality adds a universal dimension to the character, stating, “When a character is as dynamic and operatic as [Ferrari] is, the more specifically you get into the man, the more universal he becomes.” He pointed out the intriguing aspect of Ferrari having conflicting facets within himself, which resonated with Mann as a reflection of life’s complexities.

In continuation of the conversation, Mann elaborated, stating, “So, either it’s melodramatic or profound or sad — or because I’m as oppositional as he is — I don’t know. But that is what it was.”

In the same discussion, Adam Driver shared his perspective on the role, expressing, “Understanding a different culture is the thing I love the most about being an actor. You are forced to empathize with someone who’s different than you — and without judgment, look at their life honestly. It’s a weird job, but it’s what I’m interested in.”

“Ferrari” is scheduled for a nationwide theatrical release on December 25, 2023, following its debut at the Venice International Film Festival in August.